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Richard Mallett

THEY WEREN'T sure, when we saw Evel Knievel (director, Marvin Chomsky), that it would be having a London showing, but it will be on release with Shaft's Big Score (see below). This is about a real person, Bobby Knievel-the " Evel" was a bit of facetiousness from a sheriff when he was arrested who is a dedicated motorcycle stunt man. Not a documentary, though there are some actual pictures of the stunts; a simple but worked-out narrative, with a screenplay credit (Alan Caillou and John Milius) and actors playing the parts. It shows how Evel worked up from familiar rodeo tricks like riding through blazing fences and so forth to leaping on his bike over first one or two, then whole rows of cars. The climactic scene, at a California speedway, culminates in a fifty-yard leap over nineteen cars.

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Article numérique | Richard Mallett | 1972

The latest - the third - sequel to the original Planet of the Apes (1968) is Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (at the Carlton; director, J. Lee Thompson).

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